Bong Accessories

There’s no doubt that a growing number of hemp lovers are preferring flower and dabs are their products of choice. If you’re going to invest in a bong or dab rig to handle your daily hemp needs, then you’ll want to consider grabbing some hardware accessories that each enhance your routine in various ways. We’ve got an up-to-date selection of the most advanced and beloved accessories that you can incorporate into your smoking and dabbing sessions.

Bowls, bangers, glass stems, etc. – what else could you ask for? What all of these bong accessories share in common is that they are made from high-grade materials by trusted brands like Higher Standards and more. Plus, they can positively impact the flavor and smoothness of draws while maintaining the potency levels that you crave. Any bong accessory you choose is easy to incorporate into your existing setup so that you can get started enjoying them in no time.

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