CalyFX Uncut Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Rechargeable Disposable Vape Pen


Product Overview

Feel the invigorating sensation of CalyFx’s custom blend of Terpenes and Full Spectrum CBD, CBN & CBG oil.

- Full spectrum CBD certified
- Independent lab tested
- Top of the line hardware
- 100% CA pesticide compliant

Endurance: Specifically designed for instant, non-jittery energy and mood elevation. Can help to improve focus, concentration and physical performance.

Relief: Brings respite from discomfort in seconds as CalyFx’s custom blend of terpenes and full-spectrum CBD distillate wash waves of relief over sore muscles.

Sex: This can help increase intimacy and prolong arousal and is developed to enhance your sexual experience and release your inhibitions.

Shape: Designed to help you crush the cravings and low energy common with diets, this natural diet enhancer could also help elevate your mood and boost your energy.

Sleep: Drift off into a deep and restful sleep and enjoy long-lasting relief from common causes of sleep-deprivation including tension and racing mind.

Social: Experience euphoria and energy all day long and into the evening as this blend can help lift your confidence and mood in the company of others.


Full spectrum CBD distillate with plant terpenes.

Lab Results