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Do you love delta 8 THC, but wish you had something more potent? Then you’ll want to explore our collection of delta 8 concentrates, which expand your delta 8 world with powerful potency levels that advanced users will thoroughly enjoy. Delta 8 concentrates, also known as dabs, come in many forms including wax, shatter, syringes and pure distillates, and we’ve got them all so that you can find a concentrate that completely suits your needs.

These delta 8 dabs come from trusted brands in the hemp industry, like Sconi Boys, Elyxr, iDelta8, Blue Moon Hemp, and more. They’re all thoroughly lab-tested by a third-party and shown to have phenomenal purity levels that result in higher strengths and overall quality. What they all share in common is that they’ll provide a delta 8 experience unlike any other.

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