Green Garden Gold Hemp CBD Night Repair Capsules


Product Overview

Sleep Your Best, Wake At Your Best

The above headline is exactly what CBD Night Repair was created for, and what directed its development. CBD Night Repair was designed to improve your sleep by incorporating FDA GRAS approved ingredients (passion flower and valerian root), while providing a significantly higher dosage strength of CBD to your endocannabinoid system while you sleep. Each bottle contains 3000mg, with every capsule containing 100mg of CBD, and 400mg of sleep aid actives.

Green Garden Gold’s CBD Night Repair capsules offer a convenient way to get CBD with no hassle. Incorporate CBD into your daily routine in the easiest way, an hour before bed! Your endocannabinoid system is very active while you sleep, and your body does most of its healing during your rest. CBD Night Repair maximizes these efforts with a single capsule taken an hour before bed each night. Sleep your best every night, and wake up each morning at your best with CBD Night Repair.


  • Each CBD capsule provides maximum strength CBD when your body heals most, while you sleep.
  • Combines pure CBD (no THC) with 400mg of FDA GRAS approved ingredients that will aid with sleeping as well as its other benefits.
  • Passion Flower - 200mg per capsule
  • Valerian Root - 200mg per capsule
  • Code of Federal Regulations GRAS (Relevant Portions Highlighted)
  • Night Repair aims to improve your sleep through sleep-aid active ingredients, and fortify your body’s efforts to repair while you sleep by infusing hemp extracted CBD.
  • Green Garden Gold’s CBD isolate is cultivated from the finest organically grown hemp in Colorado.


  • 3000mg CBD - 100mg per capsule
  • 30 capsules per container
  • Soft gel capsules
  • 200mg Passion Flower
  • 200mg Valerian Root


Hemp Extracted CBD, Passion Flower, Valerian Root.

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