Green Garden Gold Kitty Be Good Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Tincture


Product Overview

Green Garden Gold is proud to announce their new CBD for cats anxiety and overall health. Most cats are picky eaters, and it can be very difficult to add CBD oil on their food without them eating around the oil or not at all. Most cats just don’t like the smell of CBD oil. To get your cat to its CBD, we have created an CBD oil that blends delicous salmon fish oil with pure CBD. Cats love it, picky or not. Green Garden Gold Kitty Be Good CBD Oil Drops are a great way to help your cat feel healthy and reduce their anxiety. Simply place a dropper’s worth into their food and let the CBD work.


Simply apply oil to your cat’s food. Their CBD Cat oil drops are blended with salmon fish oil, which smells very appetizing to your cat. Kitty Be Good CBD oil drops are designed so that your cat will enjoy the flavor and smell. This 30-milliliter container should last 60-90 days depending on the frequency used.


Organic Salmon Oil and Hemp Extracted CBD.

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