Kushy CBD Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD Sleep Capsules

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Product Overview

Sleep Capsules

Trouble sleeping? You’ve probably heard it all. Drink a warm glass of milk, no screen time an hour before bed, pray to Hypnos, God of Slumber. Well we’re here to tell you, those tactics are mostly bunk, minus the Hypnos thing.

But what you need is KushyCBD’s Sleep Capsules. One 25 mg-part CBD, another 3mg-part melatonin with some Jujube, Passion Flower and Licorice Root Extracts mixed in. This potion is a one-way ticket to sleep town. Well two-way we guess. You’ll wake up again — refreshed and with some gosh darned energy for once!

How to Use

Swallow one capsule with water. Melatonin products should be taken two hours prior to bedtime. It’s recommended you give yourself a full eight hours of sleep while taking melatonin otherwise say hello to the groggy monster.

Kushy CBD Capsules Facts

  • 25mg CBD per capsule
  • 3mg Melatonin per capsule
  • 0mg THC
  • Botanical sleep blend
  • 30 Gel Caps per bottle
  • 750mg PURE CBD per bottle
  • Non GMO
  • No additives or preservatives
  • 3rd Party Lab tested

CBD Perfect For

  • Those looking for a more discrete CBD experience
  • Anyone with difficulty swallowing
  • Higher dose patients
  • Those requiring a consistent dose of CBD

Lab Results