Marvel Roots Premium Hemp CBG Mini Flower Buds


Product Overview

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake features a distinct, frosty appearance with a deep, earthy scent of pine. When smoked, this calming CBG-rich strain burns hot and features a deep, wood-like flavor.

Wedding Cake CBG is highly sought after for its high CBG content. Much like CBD, CBG has extensive benefits associated with it. Growing strains that are CBG dominant is difficult and costly, which is why this potent cannabinoid is just now hitting the market in earnest.

CBG offers many of the same benefits of CBD, but our knowledge about it is continuing to grow. So far, it shows promise with its antibacterial properties, anti-inflammatory properties, and its ability to stimulate appetite.

These Wedding Cake CBG buds are available in mini size, but are derived from the same premium hemp flower we use to make other products. These mini buds are perfect for grinding up into your own smokables or creating your own topicals.

  • Sativa-dominant
  • 20% CBG
  • Recommended use: Daytime
  • Effects: Creates a feeling of joyousness and euphoria

Unmatched Quality And Safety

At Marvel Roots, they select their hemp genetics to deliver a robust cannabinoid profile. From hand tending and harvesting their hemp flower, along with rigorous testing, they deliver natural wellness products you and your family can trust.

  • All-natural
  • Grown with organic practices in the USA
  • Tested for quality, safety, and cannabinoid content
  • Wide variety of products to fit your and your family's needs

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