Peacock CBD Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Capsules


Product Overview

Try Peacock CBD Full Spectrum Capsules. Formulated with Co2 Extracted Full Spectrum Oil which retains the most compounds of the plant to create the revered “Entourage Effect”. All while getting the right amount of CBD with small, easy-to-swallow capsules. All capsules are vegan-approved, non-GMO, and gluten-free. Peacock CBD products are formulated with Organic US Grown Hemp, processed within a regulated state. 30 Capsules per bottle.

Benefits of CBD Capsules

Get the benefits of Full Spectrum CBD Oil Capsules with ease. Users can easily measure their dosage all while avoiding the bad taste of Full Spectrum CBD Oil. With CBD capsules, you eliminate the guesswork altogether and know exactly how much you’re getting with each dose. Easy-to-swallow capsules make for an ideal form of daily dosing, and they’re a convenient option for people who need to take CBD on the go!

  • Co2 Extracted Full Spectrum Cannabidiol, contains full spectrum of Cannabinoids, lipids and compounds like CBD, CBG, CBC, etc.
  • Retains many other compounds such as essential oils, terpenes and amino acids
  • 100% Organic, US Grown/processed, non-GMO and gluten free and vegan approved


Full Spectrum CBD Oil, MCT oil (Coconut Derived), Organic Beeswax.