Tillmans Tranquils Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Mints


Product Overview

Tillman Tranquils Full Spectrum CBD mints are a great solution for keeping your CBD levels up throughout the day!

Each mint contains ten milligrams (10mg) of hemp-derived CBD extract. You get 10 mints per pack, which equals 100mg of total CBD per pack.

1-2 mints are the perfect amount for daily consumption. They’re convenient and discreet enough to put in your purse or pocket and take anytime – anywhere.

Tillman Tranquils mints are one of the best tasting CBD edibles on the market. Their mints have a pan coating on each mint to protect the CBD hemp extract from heat, light, and humidity. You can take a mint at any time during the day for micro doses that will keep you feeling calm and relaxed all day.

There are no artificial ingredients and made in the USA. Gluten free, no HCFS, and no magnesium stearate.

Lab Results