Umami Hemp CBD Flower Pre-Rolled Joint


Product Overview

Each Pre-Roll contains one king size RAW cone filled with about a gram of CBD hemp flower. The flower contains approximately 150MG of CBD.

CBD inhalation is the most effective method for ensuring a high bioavailability. When CBD is inhaled, such as through an Umami Pre-Roll, it can be absorbed through your lungs almost immediately. The bioavailability of Umami products is 10x higher than CBD edibles and 5x higher than sublingual tinctures.

One Umami Pre-Roll has just as much bioavailable CBD as a 1,500 MG CBD edible!

Bubba Kush originated in Silver Lake California and was bred by the OG Kush Crew. This INDICA is a Northern Lights x OG Kush cross.

Flavors: sweet, chocolate, coffee

Effect: rest, relax, unwind

CBD: 20.4%

Gelato is a bay area favorite, this HYBRID CBD strain is a Sunset Sherbert x Girl Scout Cookies cross.

Flavors: sweet, smooth, creamy

Effect: calming, soothing, repairing

CBD: 20.1%

Lemon Haze is a SATIVA dominant strain made famous by the Dutch. In fact, the majority of coffee shops in the Netherlands still offer this timeless strain.

Flavors: citrus, lemon, lime, sweet

Effects: alert, awake, focused

CBD: 22.1%

Lab Results

Bubba Kush

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