Wild Orchard Delta 8 THC Disposable Dessert Vape Pen

This product can't be shipped to Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Rhode Island, Utah

Product Overview

Made with hemp-derived Delta-8 THC and a flavor infusion. For a convenient vape experience that lasts, this pen is rechargeable and disposable. It’s also compact in size, which is great for tossing in your purse, desk, or pocket!


This is a battery-attached setup. The device is integrated with an air-activation switch and is ready to use upon purchase. To recharge, use a Micro USB cable and plug into a power source. The device is charging when the indicator light is on. Detach when done charging to inhale and enjoy! Once the vape juice runs out, please dispose in a proper location.


Full Spectrum Delta-8 Distillate (450mg), Food Grade Flavoring, Sucralose Sweetener.