• ATLRx Rolling Tray

    ATLRx Rolling Tray


    Our ATLRx rolling trays are the perfect way to represent the city of Atlanta during your next smoke session! These tin rolling trays give you plenty of room for any size roll up. Easy to clean and a perfect way to keep your stash...
  • Marley Natural Black Walnut Rolling Tray

    Marley Natural Black Walnut Rolling Tray

    Marley Natural

    MARLEY NATURAL AMERICAN BLACK WALNUT ROLLING TRAY The Marley Natural American Black Walnut Rolling Tray is a combination of a functional design and a stylish form. The striking wood base finished in teak oil features a cutout corner for easy pouring. A...

Rolling Trays

Anyone who likes to roll their own will benefit from having a high-quality rolling tray that acts as a surface for their rolling practices. It offers numerous advantages, like collecting your stray grinds, offering a smooth rolling surface, and avoiding snags that can rip your precious papers.

Our collection of rolling trays has something for every hemp flower lover. We offer various sizes and visual designs that bring aesthetic value to your daily rolling routine. They’re all made with reliable and durable materials to last throughout your rolling career, while being made by brand names known throughout the industry like Marley Natural and more. Choose a rolling tray that appeals to you and enjoy a more efficient way to roll your flower each day.

Why Do Some People Prefer to Roll Their Own?

While we offer various pipes at The Calm Leaf, a lot of people prefer to roll their own for many reasons. Handmade rolls are much easier to travel with, for one thing, and besides that, some people just enjoy the act of smoking a roll. The smoke that’s inhaled in a roll tends to be smoother than what you’ll get from a pipe as well, with each hit being less potent.

What Can You Roll in Paper Besides Hemp Flower?

We do not recommend that you roll anything in paper other than hemp flower. Rolling other types of products in paper, including products that are safe to ingest, can cause harm to the body. At The Calm Leaf, we carry lots of top-shelf flower products.

Is it Safe to Inhale Rolling Papers?

Overall, smoking from a roll is no less safe than smoking out of a pipe. The papers themselves are made from natural materials which are easy on the respiratory system. We only carry companies that make rolling papers that are free of strong or harmful chemicals.

Why are My Rolls Burning So Quickly?

If your roll is burning more quickly than you can smoke it, this is likely because you packed it too loosely. This would cause the paper to burn faster than the actual flower. Try adding a little more flower into your roll next time.

Why Am I Having a Hard Time Pulling Smoke?

If you’re having a hard time pulling any smoke out of your roll, it’s likely that it’s packed too tightly. This would prevent air from getting through. If this is the case, just try adding less flower next time.

Which Paper Size is Right for Me?

We offer multiple paper sizes at The Calm Leaf, and no single paper size is better than the others. It’s a matter of how big of a roll you want to have. The more flower you like to smoke per session, the bigger the paper size should be.

What is a Rolling Tray?

Rolling our own can be a messy process, with loose bits of flower spilling out of the paper. This is why rolling trays can really come in handy. They are trays that you can use as a surface during the rolling process, so that any loose pieces of flower are contained.

Should I Use a Rolling Machine?

If the process of rolling your own flower is too difficult, you can use a rolling machine instead. These machines take out a lot of hard work by filling a pre-rolled, empty cone with the right amount of flower. Note that they only work with cones, and not sheets of paper.

Why Does My Roll Keep Tearing?

If your paper keeps tearing during the rolling process, either you’re using too much flower, or your grind is too coarse. The coarser the grind, the more the paper needs to stretch to fit over those lumps of flower. Try using a finer grind next time.

Is it Legal to Carry Handmade Rolls?

Carrying handmade rolls is completely legal as long as what’s inside of them is hemp and not marijuana. Hemp is a federally legal product that’s permitted in all 50 states. Just keep in mind that law enforcement can’t always tell the difference between hemp and marijuana. This is why we recommend that you enjoy your handmade rolls at home rather than out in public.