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Bubbler Pipes

Hemp enthusiasts are no strangers to the world of bubblers, but it’s safe to say that these handheld pipes are more popular than ever thanks to the ways in which they make smoking our buds more enjoyable than ever. Bubblers are named after the bubbling sound that we hear when we draw in a cloud of smoke, which is the result of the smoke passing through an advanced water filtration system which cools it down, reduces the harshness and offers a cleaner taste. In short, bubblers can make your entire smoking experience far more enjoyable.

We offer top-of-the-line bubblers in various models, with unique designs, sizes, shapes and more. Basically, you’ll find a bubbler that’s absolutely perfect for your hemp flower routine. They are all made by beloved manufacturers in the business like Marley Natural.

What is a Bubbler?

A bubbler is a handheld pipe that contains a water filtration system. This system forces the smoke to cool down before it enters the mouth, and the smoke is also smoother as a result. Water pipes are great for those who are sensitive to the harshness of unfiltered smoke.

What is a One Hitter?

A one hitter is a very travel-friendly pipe style that can hold just enough flower for one or two puffs at a time. They’re pocket-friendly, compact devices that have very basic designs. The smoke tends to be very powerful because of the lack of a filtration system, and the straight airflow channel.

What is a Steamroller?

A steamroller is a type of one hitter that has the most basic style of all. It’s open on both sides, looking like a long tube. A small amount of flower is placed into the bowl, and one end is lit. Like other one hitters, steamrollers provide a very direct, powerful hit of smoke.

What is a Spoon Pipe?

A spoon pipe is an incredibly popular type of pipe that many people refer to as a “bowl.” It looks the most like a traditional tobacco pipe, with a bowl on one end and an elongated, straight airflow channel that attaches to the mouthpiece. Spoon pipes are very easy to use, and they are very travel-friendly.

What is a Rig?

A rig is a type of pipe that’s made exclusively for dabbing with concentrates. Concentrates like wax and shatter, aka “dabs,” need to be vaporized at very high temperatures. Dab rigs are designed to reach high temperatures through the use of a heat-resistant dab nail that takes the place of a bowl found on a traditional flower pipe.

What is a Water Pipe?

We only recommend using hemp flower products with our collection of pipes and rigs. This is what they are made for, and smoking other types of products can be harmful to your health. You can explore our large selection of flower products at The Calm Leaf.

Are Pipes and Rigs Legal?

Pipes and rigs are legal products. At The Calm Leaf, we do not sell any products that are illegal. These devices are legal to possess, as they themselves are not intoxicating products.

Do Pipes and Rigs Need to Be Maintained?

All pipes and rigs need to be maintained in order to continue satisfying the user’s needs. This means that they need to be fully cleaned at least once a week. To clean a pipe or rig, take it apart and soak it, preferably in a solution of isopropyl alcohol, salt and water, for a minimum of 3 hours. Then, use a gentle cloth or other non-abrasive material to scrub them clean and give them a good rinse. Failing to clean a pipe or rig allows resin to accumulate on the inside, which can interfere with both flavor and airflow.

Are the Pipes and Rigs at The Calm Leaf Durable?

At The Calm Leaf, we carry pipes and rigs from only the most exceptional brands in the hardware industry. These products are made with high-end, resilient materials in order to last as long as they are properly cared for. However, any product made from glass material can break if it is not handled correctly.

Can I Travel with My Pipe or Rig?

You can travel with any pipe or rig that we carry at The Calm Leaf. But, due to their fragile nature, you’ll want to make sure that your device is stored securely when you’re on the road. We recommend traveling with a smaller device like a one hitter or spoon pipe, which is easier to store when you’re traveling.

Do I Need Accessories to Get Started?

To use one of our pipes, all that you need is a trusty lighter in order to get started. With the dab rigs that we carry, you’ll need a few more accessories to enjoy a dabbing session: a butane torch, to heat the dab nail to the right temperature, and a dab tool which allows you to easily transport sticky concentrates from their container to your dab nail.

Should I Grind My Flower Before Using a Pipe?

Most people will recommend that you grind your flower before smoking it in a pipe. Grinding the flower ahead of time means that when you light your flower, it will get heated more evenly so that you can get more hits out of it. It also leads to better airflow for a smoother smoke. We carry grinders at The Calm Leaf that can provide you with the perfect grind.

Is Dabbing with a Rig Dangerous?

Dabbing is not a particularly dangerous process. While it does use a butane torch, and does involve a dab nail that gets incredibly hot, as long as you are careful when handling your rig, you won’t be in any danger. However, you should only ever use concentrates/dabs when using a dab rig.

How Often Should I Replace the Water in My Bubbler or Water Pipe?

At the end of the day, it’s best to replace the water in your pipe before each new smoking session. If this isn’t practical for you, then as long as you replace it at least weekly, you’ll be fine. Smoking with dirty water will lead to a stale flavor, and over time the water can take on a mildewy smell.