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Torches for Dabbing

A butane torch is a device that uses butane gas to generate a concentrated flame as hot as 2000 degrees Fahrenheit for heating up a quartz banger, titanium or ceramic nail. These torches are refillable, and are the most popular choice for dabbers when it comes to heating sources because of their effectiveness, control, and cheap cost and availability of butane.

What is a Grinder for?

A grinder is an essential accessory for anyone who smokes or vaporizes flower products. For those who like to roll their own, a grinder is necessary to break up the flower buds into small enough pieces to be rolled in paper easily and smoke evenly. If you’re using a pipe, a grinder breaks up the flower buds so that they burn more evenly, so that minimal product ends up wasted.

What are the Different Kinds of Grinders?

The most basic type of grinder is 2-piece grinder, which has teeth inside so that when the top and bottom pieces of the grinder are twisted back and forth, the teeth break up the buds into smaller pieces. A 4-piece grinder contains a small sieve and an additional chamber that collects the kief that results from the grinding process. Kief is a fine powder that comes off of the trichomes of the plant’s buds, and is extremely potent in cannabinoids and terpenes. It can be sprinkled on top of your flower.

What is a Torch Used for?

The torches that we sell at The Calm Leaf are used for dabbing. Dabbing involves the vaporization of concentrates (dabs) at high temperatures, in special types of devices known as dab rigs. To dab, you need to heat the dab nail on the rig to an extremely high temperature so that the concentrate will melt on contact. To reach this high temperature, a torch is necessary.

What is a Banger?

A banger is an accessory that attaches to a dab rig, acting as a bucket that holds your concentrate, used instead of the nail piece. Bangers hold more product and allow for more even heat distribution throughout your concentrates.

What is Hemp Butter?

Hemp butter is what’s used to make homemade edibles. It’s just the result of infusing regular butter with raw hemp flower, so that you can easily incorporate the plant’s compounds into any recipe that uses a fat. The MagicalButter Machine grinds, heats, stirs and steeps the flower in the butter for you so that you don’t have to put a lot of work into the process of making hemp butter at home.

How Should I Grind My Flower?

There’s an art to grinding flower, and it can take time to perfect it. Everyone has their ideal grind in terms of how coarse or fine it is, and you should experiment to find what works best for you.

Do I Need a Stash Box?

A stash box is not a necessity, but it is extremely helpful, especially if you stash away a lot of flower at one time. This keeps your flower very fresh since it has an airtight seal, and prevents mildew from getting into your product. Flower must be kept fresh, or it will dry out, lose its flavor and lose its potency.

Are Accessories Legal?

All of the accessories sold at The Calm Leaf are legal. We do not carry any products on our website that are not compliant with federal law. None of these products will lead to some sort of legal trouble should you be caught with them in your possession.

Are the Accessories at The Calm Leaf Durable?

At The Calm Leaf, we only carry accessories that come from trusted manufacturers. This means that all of these products are made from high-grade, resilient materials and are built to last. As long as you handle and store them responsibly, they should last you for a very long time.

Can I Use a Grinder for Products Other Than Hemp Flower?

Grinders can be used to grind dry culinary herbs in addition to hemp flower. However, if you do use one for this purpose, make sure that you wash your grinder thoroughly before and after.