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If you’re looking for a new type of tincture to incorporate into your hemp regimen, why not choose one that contains a balanced blend of CBD and THC? Many people don’t know that these two cannabinoids don’t just exist in the same plant material, but also share a synergistic relationship that allows them to balance out the properties of one another. Many say that CBD takes the “edge off” of THC’s stronger psychoactive properties, while making the entire experience more mellow in a way that’s highly enjoyable.

The CBD + THC tinctures that we carry come from top-rated brands like iDelta 8, Clean Remedies and more. They all use high-end extraction methods, clean ingredients, and third-party testing processes to ensure maximum quality and purity levels. All of them have a clean taste and are easy to administer. Choose from a variety of milligram strength options to suit your daily needs and discover what this unique blend of cannabinoids can do for your day-to-day.

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