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Of all the ways to experience the properties of delta 8 THC, vapes have proven to be the most popular by far. And, it’s no wonder, as vaping allows us to feel the effects within minutes and in a potent way, while the effects wear off within a couple of hours at most. Delta 8 vapes also come in a wide array of strains, formulas and more so that we can customize our routine in exacting ways.

We carry delta 8 vaping goods from only the top brands in the industry, including Euphorium, Hemplitude, Blue Moon Hemp, and countless other delta-8 vape brands. These vapes all contain lab-tested delta 8 extracts, and most of them incorporate many popular strains so that we can zero in on the properties we most desire. Choose between 510-threaded vape cartridges and disposables to enjoy delta 8 on your terms.

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