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More and more people are finding that the combination of CBD and delta 8 THC offers a synergistic cannabinoid experience unlike any other. These two star cannabinoids balance one another out, making it great for beginners who want to ease into the psychoactive effects of delta 8, as well as serious delta 8 enthusiasts looking for a more mellow experience. That’s where CBD + THC concentrates come in: they offer the best of both worlds, while being extremely potent thanks to their concentrated nature.

CBD + THC concentrates are for dabbing, introducing fast-acting and powerful effects of both of these cannabinoids into the system at one time, while still being less psychoactive than delta 9 THC. The concentrates that we carry are made by trusted industry names like iDelta8 and have been third-party tested while remaining federally compliant. If you’re ready to take your hemp routine to new heights, these dabs are a great choice.

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