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When we talk about the differences between strains, we’re really talking about the terpenes. Terpenes are compounds in the hemp plant, and all plant life for that matter, that give a particular breed of plant its taste, aroma, and many of its valuable properties. If you want to take a deeper dive into the world of terpenes, consider these fabulous terpene concentrates below which are easy to incorporate into your routine.

These terpenes come in a wide array of popular hybrid strains, which result from crossing a sativa with an indica. Choose from all-time favorites like Pink Cookies, Trainwreck, Apple Jacks, and many more. They each have their own flavor profile and dominant properties, while being plant-derived in a way that ensures maximum easiness on the body. Meanwhile, they come from top-of-the-line companies including Terp Science Labs, allowing you to trust that you’re getting only the finest terpenes on the market.

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