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Delta 8 THC is so much more than a cannabinoid with psychoactive properties. It works with CB1 receptors in the nervous system to regulate nervous system functions, and so it’s no surprise that it’s becoming an extremely sought-after choice for topicals. Delta 8 topicals are applied directly to troublesome areas, where the cannabinoid quickly reaches cannabinoid receptors in the deep tissue to offer concentrated, localized effects without getting you high.

If you want to add a delta 8 topical to your routine, look no further. These topicals are all made by top-shelf brands like iDelta8, CBD Living, and Elyxr, while containing the proper concentrations for maximum satisfaction, and only the purest, lab-tested delta 8 extracts possible. They are gentle on the skin and work quickly to let you feel the effects of the compound in action.

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