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If you’ve been on the fence about diving headfirst into the world of THC, now, you can take some CBD along with you for the ride to keep things more balanced and grounded. The CBD + THC vapes that we carry here contain active doses of both of these superstar cannabinoids, allowing their fascinating synergistic relationship to come to life to promote a generally easier experience for lower-tolerance individuals. The presence of cannabidiol can take the edge off of the stronger properties associated with THC so that you can feel cooler and more collected as you embark on your journey.

These vapes all contain only top-shelf ingredients and lab-tested hemp extracts, while featuring reliable technology that will provide lots of satisfaction from the first puff of vapor all the way to the last. And, we only carry the best brands, like iDelta8. Pick a strain and format that appeals to you and enjoy what this fascinating compound blend has to offer.

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