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Wild Orchard THCA Premium Indoors Flower Infused Diamond Pre-Rolls

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  • Wild Orchard THCA Premium Indoors Flower Infused Diamond Pre-Rolls - 2 Pack
  • Wild Orchard THCA Premium Indoors Flower Infused Diamond Pre-Rolls - 5 Pack


100% pure THCa liquid diamond pre rolls – the purest, most concentrated form of THCa. Our THCa Diamond preroll is available in a 2 pack or a 5 pack.


  • Strain: Do Si Do (Indica)
  • Indoor Grown, Slow Cured THCa Flower
  • 100% Full-SpectrumHemp-Derived Cannabinoids
  • 3rd-Party Lab Tested
  • All Hemp Organically Grown in Oregon

Wild Orchard’s new THCa Core Infused Preroll is a fresh take on prerolls, with .85g per roll, available in both a 2-pack and 5-pack. We’ve infused the core of the preroll with 100% pure THCa liquid diamonds, which is the purest, most concentrated form of THCa that there is. Light this baby up, and the THCa converts into delta 9 THC, for a high that’s a force to be reckoned with. We use 100% compliant indoor hemp, derived organically, and the THCa liquid diamonds come from freshly extracted live resin, for maximum effectiveness, potency, and satisfaction. Our flower is 100% THCa flower, as opposed to hemp flower that has been sprayed with distillate.

Do-Si-Do is the perfect choice for an evening of relaxation. Do-Si-Do, an Indica- dominant strain, is noted for its sweet, earthy, and floral aroma that is reminiscent of its parent strains, Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG. With THC-A flower sourced from indoor-grown hemp, the cannabinoid content is potent, providing a heavy body high that melts away stress and promotes tranquility. The addition of liquid diamonds — the moniker for live resin — only enhances the flavor profile and the overall experience. This live resin is known for its exceptional purity and potency, capturing the terpene profile of the cannabis at its most vibrant and fresh state. This results in a pre-roll that is not only potent but also offers a superior flavor experience.

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