Best 2024 Cannabinoids for Jet Lag

Traveling is exciting and rewarding - until that dreaded jet lag hits. Anytime we travel across different time zones, our circadian rhythm can get thrown out of whack, leading to all kinds of annoying symptoms, among the most common being a sleep schedule that’s completely off. While not everyone who travels experiences jet lag, some can experience it so severely that it takes weeks to start feeling like themselves again.

The good news is that cannabinoids, which’re the naturally occurring compounds in cannabis that produce the plant’s dominant effects, can help. Cannabinoids are the cannabis-derived compounds that interact with our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) to regulate our physiological processes, including those that are often thrown off due to jet lag.

The Science Behind Jet Lag

Up until about one hundred years ago, it wasn’t normal for humans to travel across the world in a matter of hours. So, it’s not surprising that the human race hasn’t yet adapted to the idea. Jet lag is a very natural response to rapidly shifting time zones, which can lead to disrupted sleep patterns and daytime grogginess.

If you’ve ever left the country, for instance, you may be several hours off of the time zone that you’re used to. At the same time, our circadian rhythm is used to going to sleep and waking up at the same time, give or take, every 24-hours. This can lead to an urge to go to bed while the sun is still out when you return from a lengthy vacation, because the region you just returned from is currently 11PM.

It’s safe to say that the greater the difference in time zone, and the longer amount of time you spent in your travel destination, the worse the jet lag can be when you return, and the longer it can last before you’re finally readjusted to your normal schedule. Still, jet lag can cause serious disruptions to work, sleep, and your general ability to function and focus during the daytime hours.

Sure, jet lag can be annoying, but the good news is that there are various ways to manage and treat it. One popular option comes from the cannabis plant: cannabinoids, the unique chemical compounds that are shown to offer a number of potential benefits through its relationship to the ECS. Cannabinoids attach themselves to cannabinoid receptors in the body to regulate important processes that determine how we function each day and night, including our cognitive functions (focus, alertness, etc.), and our circadian rhythm.

Which Cannabinoids are the Best for Jet Lag?

Since the cannabis plant contains over 100 unique cannabinoids, and each one behaves differently in the body in terms of its potency and its dominant effects, due to differences in chemical structure, we will be zoning in on six cannabinoids that’re the most likely to provide relief to jet lag symptoms, specifically.

Best Cannabinoid for Jet Lag #6: CBN

What CBN is: Cannabinol (CBN) is a naturally occurring and nonintoxicating cannabinoid in cannabis. It was first isolated in 1898 by mistake, as researchers thought they were examining delta 9 THC. Like delta 8, CBN is the result of oxidized delta 9 THC, so by the time they tested the plant material, the THC had converted into cannabinol.

Why CBN Can Help: CBN is regarded as a phenomenal cannabinoid for sleep, based on lots and lots of anecdotal evidence - after all, the market wouldn’t be full of top-selling CBN “sleep” formulas otherwise. No studies have actually verified this to date, but the bottom line is CBN may be a great choice if you’re struggling to get back on a normal sleep schedule.

CBN Product RecommendationELYXR CBN Tincture an all-natural tincture solution that goes under the tongue each night, to provide an ample serving of cannabinol to the body through sublingual absorption. With roughly 16.5 milligrams per serving, it’s the real deal.

Best Cannabinoid for Jet Lag #5: CBG

What CBG is: Cannabigerol (CBG) is a another nonintoxicating cannabinoid known as the “mother cannabinoid”, because it’s the initial cannabinoid to develop in immature cannabis buds before splitting itself into over 100 new cannabinoids. CBG works mainly on CB2 receptors, found in the immune and digestive systems, while also affecting cognitive functions and certain nervous system functions.

Why CBG Can Help: CBG might be a good cannabinoid to take during the day during a bout of jet lag, as it may play a role in improving cognitive functions so that you can focus better, and even stay alert rather than groggy. One study actually found that it was useful to those dealing with cognitive impairment.

CBG Product Recommendation: Tillmans Tranquils CBG Gummies contain 25mg of pure CBG per gummy. Plus, these tasty, vegan morsels contain a generous serving of the cannabinoid in a uniquely delicious form, while the effects can last for up to 8 hours.

Best Cannabinoid for Jet Lag #4: Delta 9 THC

What Delta 9 THC is: Delta 9 THC is the dominant chemical compound in marijuana, and it’s found in trace amounts in the hemp plant. Legally, hemp products must contain a maximum of 0.3% delta 9 THC per dry weight, so companies have had to get creative in order to create products that deliver an effective number of milligrams of THC. THC is also the most widely studied cannabinoid in history, and the reason why medical marijuana exists in the United States.

Why Delta 9 THC Can Help: Delta 9 THC is a cannabinoid that may regulate all kinds of functions that play a role in our overall homeostasis, thanks to its affinity for a diverse selection of cannabinoid receptors. It may improve both focus and circadian rhythm depending on what time of day or night you take it.

Delta 9 THC Product Recommendation: Wild Orchard Delta 9 THC Peach Rings have a combination of 30mg CBD and 30mg delta 9 THC, for the perfect 1:1 balance of two effective cannabinoids. The juicy peach flavor just makes it even more peachy-keen to have.

Best Cannabinoid for Jet Lag #3: Delta 10 THC

What Delta 10 THC is: Delta 10 THC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid that has only been discovered within the last few years, and so there isn’t any real research on its properties. What we do recognize is that it’s milder than delta 9 THC, with a buzz-like high that’s similar to that of delta 8 THC. Except, delta 10 has the distinction of, according to countless enthusiasts, offering a surprising increase in energy and focus, making it very “sativa-like” according to its biggest fans.

Why Delta 10 THC Can Help: Again, while no studies on delta 10 THC exist just yet, what we do know is that countless customers are telling us that it improves focus and energy levels, which gives us reason to think that it could potentially combat daytime grogginess caused by jet lag.

Delta 10 THC Product Recommendation: ELYXR Delta 10 THC Flower. Extracted from hemp grown in Colorado, Oregon, and California, these premium flower buds are infused with pure delta 10 distillate, so you get a good serving of the cannabinoid with each session. Meanwhile, you can choose from plenty of top-shelf strains for a personalized ‘high’.

Best Cannabinoid for Jet Lag #2: CBD

What CBD is: Cannabidiol (CBD) is the dominant cannabinoid in the hemp plant, and it’s nonintoxicating, which makes it a good choice for those seeking relief without any psychoactive effects. CBD is a cannabinoid that’s been studied at length since its discovery several decades ago, and it has been found to present a substantial number of potential benefits.

Why CBD Can Help: Like delta 9 THC, CBD works toward bringing us into homeostasis by regulating a huge variety of important processes pertaining to our sleep, mood, focus, energy levels, and more.

CBD Product Recommendation: Terp Science Labs Hemp CBD Gel Capsules are small and powerful caps that’re easy to swallow and allow for 4-6 hours of amazing CBD benefits. Their capsule bottles come in two different sizes 250mg (8.4mg per capsule) & 1500mg (50mg per capsule), providing one the most potent capsule dosage of CBD in the market!.

Best Cannabinoid for Jet Lag #1: Delta 8 THC

What Delta 8 THC is: Delta 8 THC is a minor cannabinoid found in cannabis, which comes from oxidized delta 9 THC. A small amount of delta 9 THC converts into delta 8 THC as the plant ages, resulting in an entirely new chemical structure. Delta 8 is 30% less intoxicating than delta 9, and the cannabinoid has a strong affinity for CB1 receptors which regulate nervous system functions. First discovered in the 1960s, delta 8 has a surprising amount of research behind it to demonstrate real potential therapeutic value.

Why Delta 8 THC Can Help: Delta 8 THC has the potential to address sleep issues caused by jet lag, as it’s considered a heavy anxiolytic compared to other cannabinoids. Taking some delta 8 before bedtime may get you into the perfect state for effortlessly blissful sleep, even when your clock is out of whack.

Delta 8 THC Product Recommendation: Green Garden Gold Delta 8 THC Tincture. We love this high-potency tincture from trusted brand Green Garden Gold, which offers Pure Delta-8 THC combined with fast-absorbing MCT Coconut Oil. Choose from Original or Strawberry flavor. It’s easy to take and can gently ease you out of your jetlag.

Get Back on Your Feet and Say Goodbye to Jet Lag with Hemp!

Jet lag can make us feel completely unlike ourselves as we slowly readjust to the time zone that we’re in. But, the good news is that there are plenty of natural solutions that can help us get back on track sooner rather than later. The cannabinoids at The Calm Leaf may be able to give you that refreshed feeling that you’re looking for through the power of mother nature, to get you feeling more balanced again in no time.

May 29, 2024 David Nadel

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