NAM Premium Hemp CBD Flower

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Product Overview

All of NAM Wellness flower is 100% organic from seed to ship. They never cut corners because they strongly believe in quality of quantity. NAM works hard to provide the best possible experience to their customers!


Our Gelato Greenhouse Flower is a Top-Shelf Summer Favorite with a high terpene level and great relaxation effects. These buds smell sweet and fruity and are always finished off with a clean hand trim before they are packaged and sealed.

Hawaiian Kush #2

Hawaiian Kush #2 is a tropical strain that was grown in a tropical like environment in our top of the line greenhouse. This strain smells fruity and has loads of terpenes and trichomes all over it. It is the perfect flower for pain or anxiety and is sure to provide a lot of relief.

Sour Space Candy

Sour Space Candy is a top shelf quality strain that smells very sweet with notes of tropical fruit, but also hints of a sour aroma. Sour Space Candy is a strain that is out of this world and that can leave you feeling relaxed, motivated and calm. The buds are grown organically and trimmed by hand to provide you with the highest quality CBD Hemp Flower available on the market.

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