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THC-O is the newest cannabinoid to dazzle even the most advanced and experienced hemp lovers out there, due to its classification as a psychedelic that comes from the unique process of synthesizing it. THC-O is known as the “spiritual cannabinoid,” due to its intense psychoactive properties that are about 3 times as potent as those of delta 9 THC. While THC-O may not be for beginners, those who have a lot of THC tolerance will likely find it to a gamechanger.

THC-O concentrates give you the most powerful THC-O experience possible, as concentrates are, by nature, extremely concentrated and therefore very strong in terms of their effects. We carry only the best-quality lab-tested THC-O concentrates possible, from highly rated companies like Sconi Boys who are known for ensuring maximum purity for clean and satisfying formulations.

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