CBD For The People Hemp CBD Flower Pre-Rolled Joints + Matches


Product Overview

For years now, FTP has been searching for the right smokable CBD flower to honor with their brand name. At long last, they’ve found it.

The US-grown hemp-legal cannabis is a perfectly-balanced custom hybrid strain called “Wine Widow”, and it boasts CBD potency topping out at over 27%. That’s unheard of…and at this price this is the best value you’re going to find anywhere for pre-rolls.

But hey, insane potency priced fairly for the people is just another day at the office here at FTP.

Each tin of pre-rolls comes with seven pre-rolled cones each containing 0.6 grams of flower. Do the math: This means you get 4.2 grams of flower bundled up in convenient ready-to-smoke packages. They even give you a free handy-dandy matchbook to make sure you can light ‘em up old-school!

Most people don’t know how to roll a good pre-roll. They are loose in weird places and flimsy at the base with goofy twisted tips like high school. You will find nothing but rolled perfection with this product. All crafted carefully by hand, the BASE of our pre-rolls are packed first giving you that tight, smooth cone that burns long and slow from start to finish.

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