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JINX FatBoy 510 Thread Vape Battery



What sets the FatBoy 510 Battery apart is its built-in LED light indicator, letting you know when it’s time to charge up and when it’s in use. With four voltage modes, you can fully customize your vaping experience to match your preferences, giving you complete control over your device.

Charge up quickly with the USB-C charger, perfect for on-the-go vapers who want to stay powered up all day. This easy-to-use battery requires only 5 clicks to turn on or off, 2 clicks for 12-second pre-heating, and 3 clicks to change the voltage, making it a perfect choice for newbies and pros alike.

Whether you’re chasing massive clouds or just want a reliable battery that looks great, the JINX FatBoy 510 Battery has got you covered. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – order now and experience the power and style of the FatBoy 510 Battery for yourself!


  • 5 clicks = turn on, 5 clicks = turn off
  • 2 clicks = preheat function (12 second preheat)
  • 3 clicks = change voltage heat settings (Blue: Max - 4.0 volts, Red: HIGH - 3.6 volts, White: MEDIUM - 3.2 volts, Green: LOW - 2.8 volts)
  • 500mAh battery
  • Fits all 510 thread carts
  • Led indicator lights
  • 4 Voltage modes
  • USB-C charging
  • Available in 5 colors
  • USB Charger included


Our products are legal according to federal law and many state laws. Our products are derived from legal hemp and do not contain more than 0.3% Delta 9 THC. However, we do not guarantee that this product is legal in your state, and it is up to you to determine that. Calm Leaf retains the right to not ship to any states where local laws conflict with the 2018 Farm Bill. Calm Leaf is not responsible for knowing whether this product is legal in your state, and you assume full responsibility for all parts pertaining to your purchase.