Sunset Lake CBD Hemp CBD Flower Pre-Rolls


Product Overview

Top-Shelf, 100% hand trimmed buds, no shake. 0.5 gram in a raw paper cone. Comes with 5 pre-rolls in a foil bag.

Cherry Abacus (16.21% CBD)

Bred by Colorado CBD Seed, Cherry Abacus is defined by dense buds covered in green, purple, and orange hues. The buds are noticeably smaller than our other strains, but what they might lack in size, they make up for with aroma. Strong blackberry and cherry notes are due to the high terpene content of this strain.

Hawaiian Haze (15.68% CBD)

Bred by Oregon CBD, was the first of their crop they planted into their beautiful Lake Champlain basin loamy soil. The cultivar (cultivated variety) is an indica and sativa hybrid and is a genetic cross between Hawaiian and Haze varieties. These impressive plants bloom large buds that produce a beautiful earthy and floral scent with just a hint of tropical fruit.

Lifter (17.58% CBD)

Bred by Oregon CBD is perhaps their most exciting cultivar this year. These beautifully structured plants are the genius cross between Suver Haze and Early Resin Bud. They have an outstanding aroma profile that mixes a pungent skunk with a sweet berry pie. We love the pink hairs on these flowers and it reminds us of the Vermont state flower - the Red Clover. This flower is trimmed, cured, and packaged to perfection by our expert hemp growers. This is the perfect CBD flower for the first timer or returning customer.

Special Sauce (16.10% CBD)

Bred by Oregon CBD, Special Sauce is similar to Hawaiian Haze in appearance but has a distinct smell and cannabinoid profile. When picked apart, the bright green bushy buds reveal their full aroma. Open a jar of this strain and enjoy the fruity, tropical notes that exude from the hand trimmed flowers.

Lab Results

Cherry Abacus

Hawaiian Haze


Special Sauce